About the Sculpture Museum


Ventura Virtual Sculpture & Arts Museum

This museum came about through the need for a permanent documentation of the local artists. This will hopefully be an example of what can be done for artists in all the mediums of expression like drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, music, theater, poetry, etc..

Most artists are inspired at an early age to create and contribute to the world of art. Most artists have the intention of being recognized for their talents and expect to receive financial remuneration for their efforts. Being shown in fine galleries around the world, being written up in the best Art Magazines, and ending up in Art History books and museums are not uncommon goals. Unfortunately only a few artists acquire the desires of most of us, and their life's work fades away in time, except for the few pieces they have sold to collectors and family.

This museum attempts to record the masterpieces of it's local sculptors and present their images to the world for generations to come. Some artists are creative in many fields, so this museum endeavors to share the other avenues of expression that these sculptors have developed. The other disciplines of art are therefore explored in many of the sculptors presented here, aside from their main focus of sculpture.

We hope that you enjoy the art presented and check back frequently for more additions.

Gordon Punt, Museum Director